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This is a VdGG weird science page!

This is from the X-files magazine, official collectors edition volume 1 !!!

The Still Life cover is a discharge by a VdGG into an insulating block. You then discharge the block to ground. It was an Athena poster ("frozen lightening") long before VdGG (The Band)! I actually own one of these (the block not the Band) given to me by the widow of a Nobel prizewinner! (but that's a different story). This is what happens when you scan a perspex block with a discharge track... not bad actually.

Peter dropped out of a liberal science degree. He's always had sciency references in his songs.

The Boston theatre of electricity!.

What is Electricity!?

What is a Van Der Graaf Generator!?

Altering this school pupil's hair-style with a Van der Graaff generator.

A brilliant VdGG Website!

Build your own!

The Lie-tning page

Whatever would Robert have said?

My Space Plasmas web site.