My Favourite VdGG/Hammill Links

There are some truly excellent sites out there!

Official, more or less.

Peter Hammill's site!
The Sofa Sound Site
The Artists Shop Site Fie! Records
Echo City Self explanatory!
Hugh Banton's Site Soundproof
Curly's Airships - Chris Judge Smith's project.
Paul Whiteheads Site - The H to He Cover.


A brilliant Collection of VdGG memorabilia: VanderGraafGenerator
Jim Chamberlain - A very nice, no longer red site. Currently the best site for News! Also a great audio archive.
Only a Northern Site: Deltamonsoon
Beautifully produced Tribute Site World Record
The original complete collection of Ph7/VdGG FAQ
The best collection of Hammill links The Austrian Peter Hammill Pages
A nice, encyclopeadic site Koen Vyverman's Refugee's Home
Lots of nice stuff, now dormant Tina, the Peter Hammill Vaults
Ley LineA Great site, specially if you speak Portuguese!
A Black Box Web Lyrics and other stuff
A family tree based siteVan der Graaf Generations
The Screaming Plasma CDR site
Roman Palek's site Discography and Flight
Peter Hammill in Australia - Marcel Safier's excellent VdGG/PH live site, back online.
Peter Ostrowski Platitudes and Junk. Not.
Rene Bos Peking Duck, Rare Audio clips.
Neil van Niekerk A Labour of Love.
VertygoMP3 snipets and covers.
Les Classiques French Prog site.
Far Out A Japanese Site.


For people who actually want to play the music! Bernhard / Ola's Transcripion site
The Rough Guide to Rock Music Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill entries.
A good place to look for live CDs Comfort Homepage
A VdGG tribute CD Mellow Records
VdGG The Ultimate Band.

An excellent source of VdGG/Hammill material is the archive run by Mike Spidloe:
The Pawn Hearts Society/The Vinyl Exchange.
E-mail Mike Spindloe on;
Telephone: (1)(306)244-7090; Fax: (1)(306)244-7086.

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