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Van der Graaf Generator... The Box

"The Box", a 4 CD set, accompanied by "An Introduction" released 13 Nov 2000. The tracklist is as widely predicted. Its a mix of rare and live stuff and greatest hits from the core albums. The Intro is the very greatest (which is very great indeed). The sound, remixed by Hammill himself, in conference with Jackson, Banton and Evans, is excellent. A nice book of remeniscences and pics is included. Most of the "rare" tracks were already widely available, the majority being BBC Sessions. But the sound is far far better. To celebrate the occasion, I've attempted to produce a definative list of radio and tv sessions (but I bet its still full of mistakes). All in all, therefore, wonderful. When are they producing the next one?

Four live tracks are from the Rimini Concert the whole of which is on the Worldly Men and Strangers boot . The Rimini concert appears to be a soundboard recording , but with quite a lot of PA hum. Hammill has done a reasonable job on the sound, but the hum remains. Perhaps they will release a cleaned up version of the entire concert in the future (after we've all paid for the box)

This is the tracklist (from the original album unless otherwise stated:

Disc 1 - Bless the Baby Born Today

  1. People you were going to ( BBC Top Gear 18-Nov-1968)
  2. Afterwards ( BBC Top Gear 18-Nov-1968)
  3. Necromancer ( BBC Top Gear 18-Nov-1968)
  4. White Hammer
  5. Refugees (John Peel 14-Dec-1971)
  6. Darkness ( BBC Top Gear 27-Jan-1970)
  7. After the Flood ( BBC Top Gear 27-Jan-1970)
  8. House with no door
  9. Killer
  10. Lost

Disc 2 - The Tower Reels

  1. Theme 1 (BBC 10-June-1971)
  2. "W" (single B-side)
  3. Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
  4. Black Room (live Rimini - 9-Aug-1975)
  5. Lemmings (live Rimini - 9-Aug-1975)
  6. Man-Erg (live Rimini - 9-Aug-1975)

Disc 3 - One More Heaven Gained

  1. La Rossa
  2. Arrow (edit)
  3. Still Life
  4. My Room
  5. Sleepwalkers
  6. Pilgrims
  7. Childlike Faith in Childhood's End
  8. Scorched Earth (live in Rimini - 9-Aug-1975)

Disc 4 - Like Something Out of Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Masks
  2. Meurglys 3 (edit)
  3. When She Comes
  4. Wondering
  5. Wave
  6. Cat's Eye (John Peel 24-Oct-1977)
  7. Chemical World
  8. Sci-Finance
  9. Door (Previously un-released)
  10. Sphinx in the Face (John Peel 24-Oct-1977